Breeding in Captivity

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Breeding in Captivity Book CoverI don’t pretend to be literate but author Stacy Bolt’s book Breeding in Captivity, about her experiences with infertility might be worth a skim.  Check out the reviews.

“Bolt is an infertile couple’s best friend….After all, her difficult experience is destined to make others feel better. Infertility has a profound effect on hearts and pocketbooks, but with a martini glass in hand, Bolt promises comfort and humor to those hoping for as happy an ending as this book delivers.”
—Publishers Weekly

5 Second Book Review says “…her bold and candid writing guides the reader through the disappointment and agony of trying to have a baby with no luck. Her dark sense of humor keeps her going through failed prescriptions, IUI treatments, endometrial surgery and adoptions.” 


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